Christina’s Great Idea

christina-headshotHi! I’m Christina, a hardcore Baby-Sitters Club fan from back in the day. I was part of the club where you got books delivered to you each month, I owned all of the merch and VHS tapes of the TV show episodes, and even got certified in first aid and took a baby-sitting course so my friend David and I could start our own BSC.

I still joke about BSC things with my friends – one of my pals has a Claudia-esque earring collection, and one of my guy friends knows the words to the TV theme song. This year, The Baby-Sitters Club turns 30, just like I did last year. So my great Kristy Thomas-like idea? Create a blog with a year’s worth of BSC content to celebrate the series.


Throughout the next 52 weeks, I’ll recap every BSC book (regular series, Super Specials, Mysteries, Super Mysteries, Portrait Collection, Special Edition Readers Requests, Friends Forever, and even California Diaries and the prequel The Summer Before), every TV episode, and the movie, as well as provide other fun features like Claudia’s Closet. You’ll get a new post every weekday, all year, along with some bonus weekend content every once in a while! It’ll be like returning to Stoneybrook for our 30-year middle school reunion.


You may have found your way here from Live the Movies, which I own and edit. I’ll be doing some crossover content with this blog, including theme party ideas and filming locations, so be sure to keep an eye on both! 😉

The fun starts on Monday (January 4th) with Kristy’s Great Idea. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to receive updates and exclusive giveaway announcements!


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