Spotlight on… Logan!

Logan hasn’t appeared in the books yet, but it’s his birthday, so let’s take a closer look at our Boy Sitter!

Logan apparently looks like Mary Anne’s movie star crush Cam Geary, which is probably why she wanted to take a vacation to Bone City the first time she saw him. He has curly blondish-brown hair and blue eyes, not to mention that Southern accent (his family is from Kentucky). Logan is a sports fan but doesn’t have a “jock personality”. Still, he is basically the opposite of Mary Anne personality-wise, but they make it work because he’s kind and understanding.

At times Logan has struggled to remain an Associate Member of the BSC, whether it’s because football practice has gotten too intense or he’s getting teased by his dude friends, but he sticks it out.

At one point Logan gets drawn into a Stoneybrook gang called the Badd Boyz (DAMN I CAN’T WAIT TO WRITE THAT RECAP) but as far as I know he never got a face tattoo.

Here’s to you, Logan Bruno! Happy birthday!


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