#41: Mary Anne vs. Logan

Mary Anne starts off by reminding us that she and Logan have had a few fights: he wasn’t supportive when Tigger was missing, and he didn’t set their fight aside when Dawn and Claudia were shipwrecked. She also mentions that he’s been kind of pushy lately, and she’s having some second thoughts about their relationship. This ramps up when he tries to get her to get out of her baby-sitting job to go to a movie with him and, when she refuses, he calls her three different times at the Prezziosos and finally convinces her to get pizza and a movie the next night. Stalker much, Logan?

Acute means cool.” – Mary Anne

Ugh, more BSC slang. Kill me. Kill me right now. Mary Anne is settled in for a cozy Saturday reading next to the fire when Logan shows up unannounced and demands she come with him to the park, because he’s got a whole afternoon planned for them. Mary Anne is slightly annoyed but goes along. They go ice skating in the park, then help some kids build a snowman, then Logan wants to make snow angels. Meanwhile, Mary Anne is frickin’ freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth, but Logan isn’t really listening to her complaints. Finally she demands to go home and Logan gets all huffy about it. He wants to be a perfect couple but Mary Anne wants to feel like she has a say in things. It’s like dealing with her father all over again. Is Logan going to make her wear her hair in pigtails and pick out her clothes now?

On Friday, they have a pretty bad date. Logan starts by ordering for Mary Anne at dinner without asking what she wants, and he orders something she doesn’t want. Then, he takes her to see Halloween III when she wanted to see The Music Man. They end up going home instead of going to either. Womp womp.

“I feel like he’s taking over my life. I feel like I’m not Mary Anne anymore.”
– Mary Anne (or whoever she is now)

Mr. Spier tells Mary Anne he thinks she and Logan are spending too much time together and is shocked that she agrees with him. They decide she should limit how much time she spends with Logan so she can focus on family, herself, and her own hobbies. Very mature, actually. Mary Anne makes the tough phone call and tells Logan she needs them to cool things off and, maybe after a couple of weeks apart, they can pick things back up. Logan doesn’t sound pleased but also doesn’t threaten to murder her, so that’s good.

The next day at school Logan pretty much ignores Mary Anne all day, except for a “hi” at the very end. She feels stung by the “cooling off” even thought it was her idea, and she begins doubting herself. Luckily, Dawn (who has apparently smartened up since trying to change herself for Travis) talks sense into her and reminds her that Logan was being way too pushy and Mary Anne was not about it. Mary Anne reluctantly agrees that she needs to maintain the distance between her and Logan. But then Logan calls the BSC meeting needing a sitter for his siblings on Valentine’s Day because his parents are going out and so is he. Mary Anne takes the job and wonders who is Logan going out with on Valentine’s Day? That scamp.

When Mary Anne arrives, Logan is dressed in a tux and has a corsage for her. He’s set up a romantic table with candles and everything and is all like “Surprise – it’s for us!” Mary Anne is shocked, and then Logan brings her a red rose, and a box of candy, and gives her a pretty silver bracelet made of linked hearts. It’s all very nice, but Mary Anne did not sign up for this. She explains to Logan that she meant it when she said they should cool it for a while. Logan’s reply? They did, and now he’s ready to heat things up again. Mary Anne’s not… but does she tell Logan that? No. COME ON, MARY ANNE, DO YOU NEED ME TO PLAY YOU A BEYONCÉ SONG FOR INSPIRATION?

In other BSC-related news, Mrs. Prezzioso has a baby, a girl named Andrea. Jenny is not pleased. But then she meets her sister and gets over it. Now back to our main coverage.

“He wanted me to be ‘Logan’s girl’, and I didn’t want to be anybody’s girl.” – Mary Anne

Good for you, Mary Anne! #IndependentWomenPartIII Mary Anne tells Logan to meet her in the park, where she returns the Valentine’s Day bracelet and tells him that she wants to break up with him. This time he has to accept her decision.



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