BSC TV #9: Jessi and the Mystery of the Stolen Secrets

Finally, Jessi gets to put her stamp on an episode of BSC TV! (Mallory will never have the chance.)


Plus, this episode straight up starts with Jackie Rodowsky (Danny Tamberelli), so you know I’m hyped.


The episode starts at a Krushers baseball practice/game, with a hodgepodge of baby-sitting charges making up the Krushers. Kristy (Avriel Hillman), of course, is the coach.


The comedic star of the team is obv Jackie, who appears while Dawn (Melissa Chase) is talking about carrot sticks (really, Dawn?) to say, “my mom ate lots of carrots – that’s why I have red hair!”


Classic. Jessi (Nicolle Rochelle) then greets Matt Braddock (Christian Anazagasti), who’s deaf. Jessi knows sign language, so she can communicate well with Matt.


She’s also gotten some of the other kids to learn some signing, for which Mrs. Braddock (Deanna Deignan) thanks her.


Charlotte (Gina Gallagher) confides in Stacey (Jessica Prunell) that she has a crush on Buddy Barrett. She makes Stacey promise not to tell, because she’d be embarrassed if the other kids knew.


My sweet prince Jackie Rodowsky has a momentary lapse and does a cheer about Charlotte and Buddy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G… you know the drill. Charlotte freaks out and runs away.


She thinks Queen Stacey told (which she would never do!) and wants to go home. Jessi brings Matt to her place to wait for his mom.


She gets a phone call from Mrs. Masters, asking her to sit for TV star Derek when he’s in town. Jessi excitedly agrees.


The rest of the BSC are like WHOA HOLLYWOOD YOU’RE SO LUCKY when Jessi tells them about her upcoming sitting job with Derek.



Kristy wants him to play right field for the Krushers, but Jessi is like “NO, MRS. MASTERS DOESN’T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW HE’S HERE”.


But of course, when Jessi is baby-sitting Derek (Noah Segan), the doorbell rings and who’s there?

BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-17-paparazzi BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-18-paparazzi

THE PAPARAZZI! (In Stoneybrook. Connecticut.)


The girls are stumped. IS SOMEONE SPYING ON THEM?! (TBH it might serve them right for the times they spied on Logan, Julie, etc.)


Kristy calls an emergency meeting of The Baby-Sitters Club (as she does in almost every BSC TV episode). The girls are legit worried someone is spying on them and Mallory (Meghan Andrews) is helpful for once, saying “wouldn’t we see them?” Even she knows that the BSC-ers are terrible spies and probably assumes others are as obvious as they are.


Then Dawn – friggin’ Dawn – is like, “what if this room is bugged?!” (Dawn, who would bug the BSC? If I want to hear Kristy bossing people around I’ll just go literally anywhere Kristy is.) While everyone tears up the room looking for a bug, someone says “does anyone know what a bug looks like?” LOL.


Kristy finds a bug! Wait – no – Claudia (Jeni Winslow) eats it. It’s candy. Really, though, Claudia. Don’t eat floor candy.


Then they realize a much more likely scenario is that someone has been reading the BSC notebook, in which they write about all their sitting jobs and charges. They decide to recreate the possible “crime scenes” to see which kid snoops…


…which means we get yet another amazing montage of the BSC’s god-awful spying skills.

BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-25-Mallory-spying BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-26-Jessi-Mal-spying BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-27-Mal-spying BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-28-Jessi-spying

I mean, real stealth stuff.

BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-29-Karen-BSC-notebook BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-30-Karen-Kristy-Dawn

Finally Jackie calls ’em out: he is not pleased that the girls write about him, and he runs off to tell the other charges.

BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-31-Jackie-balancing BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-32-Jackie-BSC-notebook

Claudia and Mary Anne (Meghan Lahey) are like “SHIT SON!” Meanwhile, Jessi has made the news:


Finally Queen Stacey is like, “maybe we should just ask the kids who’s been reading the notebook…”


Charlotte is still giving her the silent treatment…



…so she really wants to get this shit figured out. Being the sophisticate that she is, Stacey treats Charlotte like an adult, explains what happened, and apologizes. And, of course, Charlotte forgives her.


Dawn goes to see Jessi, who’s baby-sitting Matt Braddock. Jessi is like, “that spy stuff made us look irresponsible and goofy” and, I mean, that’s a total understatement.


Yet they never seem to learn their lesson… And then the doorbell rings, and the BSC’s charges have organized their own meeting in protest of the BSC notebook, led by Jackie, Karen (Ashley Chase), and Vanessa (Stephi Lineburg).

BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-39-kids-call-a-mtg BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-40-Jessi-notebook

Then Jessi realizes that – gasp – Matt Braddock can read lips!


Jessi takes him aside to explain that, when people walk away to talk, what they say is private. Only time will tell if Matt Braddock uses his new skills for good…

BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-42-Matt-signing BSC-TV-9-Jessi-and-the-Mystery-of-the-Stolen-Secrets-43-Jessi-signing

…OR TO BRING DOWN THE BSC. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t bring down the BSC.


Dawn tries to get the kids to calm the eff down by explaining why the BSC keeps the notebook, and it seems to work – in part because she also bribes them with cookies.


Jackie’s over it. I take umbrage with the fact that this is Jessi’s episode but Dawn gets the glory of telling the club who the “spy” was.


There’s only one thing left to do…


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