BSC TV #10: The Baby-Sitters and the Boy Sitters


When has the BSC ever played basketball? I can’t recall an instance, but here they are inexplicably playing playground ball at the beginning of this episode.


Then, we’re in the SMS gymnasium, where they’re apparently practicing the three-legged race for Field Day. Dawn (Melissa Chase) and Kristy (Avriel Hillman) bite it and eat shit, and Logan (Eric Lawton) comes over with Alan Gray (Herbert Russell) and Pete Black (Dave Buzzotta).  (Logan has gotten a haircut since the first episode and looks way more babely.)


Pete makes an innocuous comment about how it might be easier to run without their feet tied together, and of course Kristy gets hyper-competitive and is like “I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!”


So Pete and Alan try it but they eat shit too, immediately. In Kristy’s version of foreplay, she and Pete make a bet that he and Alan can beat her and Dawn on Field Day. He also offers to cover for Logan, who can’t make his sitting job with the Rodowskys, but Kristy is like “NOT ANYONE CAN BE A BABY-SITTER!” (Uh, Kristy, basically anyone who’s not a baby can be a baby-sitter.)

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-6-Pete-eats-it BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-7-Bet-On-It BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-8-Pete-Kristy

Meanwhile, the BSC is super busy and is having a hard time covering all of their sitting jobs.


Mary Anne’s like, “um… it wouldn’t hurt to have some more backup” and everyone else is like YEAH BOY SITTERS! But Kristy is like “HELL NO”.


Sorry, boss lady… you’re outnumbered! The girls decide to train the boys in the ways of baby-sitting.


BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-13-Baby-Mallory BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-14-Cookie-Jar BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-15-Baby-Alan

Kristy brings Pete with her to sit for the Rodowskys. JACKIE RODOWSKY IN THE HOOOUUUUSEEE!

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-16-Kristy-Pete-Rodowskys BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-17-Pete-Rodowskys

The Rodowsky boys, of course, love Pete. When Jackie (Danny Tamberelli) spills milk on the table, Pete just cracks an egg in it and starts making French toast. Kind of genius if you ask me.

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-18-French-toast-1 BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-19-French-toast-2

The BSC takes a vote and Kristy is the only one who doesn’t want to let Pete and Alan join the club for the next couple of weeks.


After a taste of Alan’s baby-sitting style, Becca (Najah Dupree) and Charlotte (Gina Gallagher) are bored with Stacey (Jessica Prunell).


They want to play poker (which Alan taught them) and candy store (which Alan taught them) and Stacey puts the kibosh on both. The girls are not pleased.


Mary Anne (Meghan Lahey) and Logan are trying to do homework but Logan’s distracted and gets Mary Anne to (awkwardly) dance with him.

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-23-Mary-Anne-Logan BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-24-Mary-Anne-Logan

Then Dawn the cockblock arrives to inform them that Alan has ruined Becca and Charlotte and that the boy sitters aren’t going to win any awards.


Logan’s like “BITCH PLEASE” because he’s actually a good baby-sitter. Buuuut Pete and Alan may have taught the kids some not-so-great tricks. While Kristy is baby-sitting the Rodowskys, Jackie and Shea (Aaron Payne) climb on the roof.

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-26-Jackie-Shea-on-the-roof BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-27-Kristy-pissed

Kristy ain’t impressed. Might as well call her Pissed-y Thomas. At the BSC meeting, the girls are ready to pounce. Pete puts his feet on Queen Stacey’s char (RUDE!) and Kristy is like “WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE SHIT YOU PULLED?!”

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-28-Queen-Stace BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-29-BSC-meeting

The boys (correctly) point out that they are only being criticized and, hey, the kids had a good time! “It’s more than fun and games,” Kristy says. Pete replies, “With you it’s not even fun!” BURN.


The boys walk out and threaten to start their own Baby-Sitters Club.


Mallory (Meghan Andrews) must have done some self-reflection, because she tells Dawn, “I’m pathetic… maybe you should get another partner.” Stacey sees Charlotte with Alan and Pete.

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-32-Stacey-sees-Charlotte BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-33-Charlotte-Becca-boys

Charlotte says they’re taking her and Becca to a scary movie, which Stacey thinks is a bad idea. She’s probably right, because she’s Stacey.


Everyone expects Kristy to come up with a great idea to win their charges back, but Kristy’s like “HEY I WAS AGAINST THIS FROM THE START”. Which is true.


But when Kristy finds out the boys are taking the kids to the game center on Saturday, her evil genius brain kicks in.


She and the BSC are going to let the boy sitters hang themselves.


Pete and Alan bring the kids to the game center, and they think they have it under control.

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-38-Game-Center BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-39-Game-Center BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-40-Game-Center

But then they decide to leave the kids in a ball pit and go play a video game across the hall. Big mistake. HUGE.


Now Pete and Alan are panicking because they can’t find the kids.

BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-42-ball-pit BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-43-jackie-ball-pit


BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-44-clown BSC-TV-10-Baby-Sitters-and-the-Boy-Sitters-45-polaroids

It’s the BSC’s cue. Kristy sidles up to Pete and Alan, smug as ever, to ask how it’s going.


But don’t worry, all the kids are alive and everyone’s fine.


Pete and Alan are ready to drop, but Kristy offers some sympathy, saying no one could have handled all those kids at the game center on a Saturday.


She also admits that just because they do things differently doesn’t mean they do things wrong. (Is Kristy maturing?!) At Field Day, all the charges come out to cheer on the baby-sitters and the boy sitters… who have teamed up!


Kristy even paired up with Alan Gray! Kristin Amanda Thomas… on the verge of womanhood…


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