If you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing you love the Baby-sitters Club as much as I do. I recently unearthed all my old BSC books and merchandise while moving some of my possessions around and got a major wave of nostalgia. I immediately wanted to re-read the entire series. I figured, why not keep a blog as I go, recapping each book and waxing poetic about the baby-sitters? So here we are. (You can read more about me and this idea in my introductory post.)

So how does A Year with the BSC work? Each weekday, there’ll be a new post. Posts include book and TV episode recaps, spotlights on each baby-sitter, features like Claudia’s Closet, etc. If I get really fancy, I’ll even do some giveaways and special posts throughout the year.

Want to submit something of your own (BSC-related)? Have a question or comment or request or just wanna say hi?

Just shoot me an email: yearwiththebsc AT gmail DOT com !

You can also find more BSC content at yearwiththebsc.tumblr.com and (in the future) at LiveTheMovies.com!

Hope you enjoy poking around the site! You can search the index by book series, chronological order, or by baby-sitter.

Legal disclaimer: all images from the books and their covers are property of Scholastic. All characters are property of Scholastic and Ann M. Martin. No copyright infringement is intended. All writing and non-book photography on AYWTBSC are my own unless quoted or otherwise noted.

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